Solve blocks and join the rewards for Bitcoin halving

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The logistics that are needed and printed to solve a block are very large, this referring to Bitcoin mining. But the rewards are worth it, worth 12.5 BTC per solved block. According to supply and demand, the value of Bitcoin varies, immediately (Bitcoin halving) as well. We must understand why this process happens and if it is decisive or not in the economy and movement of cryptocurrencies in the market. Undoubtedly it is. The bitcoin halving is given every 4 years, to reduce the number of existing blocks. This as a mechanism to give the corresponding value to Bitcoin, keep it afloat without reducing it. The next block reduction is slated for this year, 2020 in May, so operators are already gearing up. Even, showing great planning, there is planning until the year 2140 with an approximate extraction of 21 million Bitcoin. This demonstrates the scope of this digital currency and all that is involved in keeping it afloat. That is why the Bitcoin halving 2020 occur The reducing effect that the Bitcoin halving 2020 will cause would generate long-term effects on their total value. In an ideal scenario, this should not happen but BTC coins are created too fast, their scope is endless. A Bitcoin block is created every 10 minutes, six blocks every hour, 12 blocks every two hours, and so on. For this reason, the reduction in Bitcoin halves is carried out so as not to lose control as to the value of them. These are scheduled in a space every four years, and the preparations to carry it out begin months in advance. As more Bitcoin is generated, these reduce their value, otherwise, if there are few existing ones, they become more valuable. This doesn't happen right away, as does the theory that Bitcoin will end up replacing the traditional currency. However, expectations regarding this are quite high, it remains to be seen how they behave and how users adapt.  

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