Most Annoying iPhone X Problems

Releasing the iPhone X was one of the biggest and the most innovative steps than Apple has ever taken. But this was more like an experimental release from Apple, or at least it seems to be like that. There are some of annoying issues with iPhone X that you should learn about if you have one of those, or are planning to buy one in the near future.
Problems With The Face ID Face ID on the iPhone X has many complaints about it’s working process. The face ID on iPhone X doesn’t seem to work at times. However, you can try to keep it working by keeping the notch of your iPhone X clean. This way, the sensors and true depth camera on your iPhone X will be able to see you properly. You can also try to always position yourself in a well-lit area whenever you try to unlock your iPhone X with face ID. However, if your face ID seems to malfunction many times during a single day, then try to reset it and set it up again. This might resolve the issue. Hair Pulling This might seem awkward, but the gap between the aluminum iPhone X chassis and its screen is enough to pull the hair off your beard and body. This is a huge problem, and Apple also offers to replace your iPhone X of this problems annoys you. Screen Issues With the release of iPhone X, Apple used an OLED display for the first time in their iPhone. While the OLED has been previously been used in lots of Apple products, iPhone X is the first ever iPhone to have an OLED display. It comes with it’s fair share of problems as well. For more problems related to iPhone X, you can visit

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